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Welcome to the official website of St. Paul’s Senior Secondary School and thank you your interest. St. Paul’s Senior Secondary School was established in 1923. It is a flagship school of the Diocese of Amritsar. The Bishop Rt. Rev. P.K. Samantaroy is the Hon’ble Chairman.

The school is located in the heart of the city spread over 20 acres of lush green area.

The Rev. F.S. Ford was its founder Principal. It became a full fledged High School in 1935 and was converted into a co-educational school in the year 1967.

St. Paul’s is a private, co-educational school that fosters the development of each individual student from early childhood (age 3+) through grade 12.

It is an institution where it provides many opportunities for children to grow tremendously not only in terms of education but also to make them competitive and self reliant and add valuable contributions to society and we encourage them to enjoy their own and others success.

We welcome students with moderate learning difficulties at all levels provide that we are able to give them to fulfill their potential.

We prepare them for harmonious way of life through self discipline and to respect human values and society and by providing full career information, competitive coaching so that students can realize their goals.