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House System

To make for more effective and democratic management and discipline and to foster spirited corps and a deep love for the Alma Mater, the school has established the house system.

The students are divided into four houses. These four houses work in a spirit of co-operation and competition to achieve the standard of excellence set for them.

The four houses are named by the former principals.

Name Color Motto
Ford House Green Light in Darkness
Wilkinson House Yellow Pray and Work
Guiton House Red Love Conquers
Duston House Blue Stand for the Right

Teachers are assisted by house captains and vice-captains, and are in charge of the respective houses. Most of the activities held on campus are Inter house, where students take part with full devotion and dedication and try to bring fame and glory to their houses.

Prefectatorial System

In order to make more effective and democratic management and discipline, and to develop leadership qualities, Prefects are appointed from each house by the students of that particular house. The students are elected on the basis of performance of individuals.