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  • All communication should be addressed to the Principal.
  • Any violation of any school rule will lead to the expulsion of the child from the school.
  • Irregular attendance, habitual lack of interest in school work, in subordination, stealing or any offence liable to affect the discipline of the school are sufficient reason for the dismissal of a student from the school.
  • A child failing twice in the same class will also be asked to withdraw from the school.
  • No child should be absent without a leave application.
  • If a student is absent on the first three days at the beginning of the new academic session, one week at the beginning of each new term or for ten days during the term his or her name will be struck off the school rolls and will have to seek re-admission.
  • No student is permitted to carry mobile phones to school. If the student is caught with one such phone, it will be confiscated by school authority.
  • A student suffering from infectious disease will not be allowed to attend school till the recovery is complete and the quarantine period is over.